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Grow your coffee business with the exceptional Lugano Caffè ® Agents Program and benefit from all the support and long experience that we have in the international markets...
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About Lugano Caffè ®

Lugano Caffè ® started in Italy, the capital of the espresso industry, where we prepare and distribute tasty cups of Italian coffee and machines to the rest of the world. Lugano Caffè ® serves various kinds of coffee to wholesalers, retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and chains with aromatic and new-styled products.
Not Only a Drink

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that espresso is more than just a drink; it's a ritual, a refreshing moment of pause in a busy day. Meet the finest espresso products derived from the Italian culture.
Profitable & Supported

Lugano Caffé ® Agent Program

What Advantages You Will Get?
Italian coffee products

Market Research

First, we help you conduct a thorough market research in your country to understand how to enter the market strongly and what is your competitive advantages.

A cup of coffee Italian Coffee Exclusive Agent

Marketing Support

In addition to the promotional items from Italian-styled signboards to reusable cups, we support you with marketing plans to target your clients correctly.

hand with coffees Italian Coffee Exclusive Agent

Technical & Sales

You will get free training sessions and the best tactics of sales strategies we developed through the years, in addition to courses for maintenance services.

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On-Demand Support

Once we start working together, Lugano Caffè ® wouldn’t stop supporting you when needed because we sell a complete concept  … not just products!

Hot air roasting coffee machine
Taking Care of Details With

Hot Air Roasting

lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor
All Lugano Caffè ® products are roasted with the hot air method that preserves the beans' oils and preserves the coffee's aromatic and deep taste, unlike dump roasting which burns these oils and weakens their aroma!⠀
The New Generation of Coffee

Espresso Pods

lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor
Espresso Pods are perfectly dosed, recyclable paper sacks of ground coffee, designed to offer coffee lovers the luxury of drinking espresso at home with original taste without harming health or environment.
Italian Espresso Pods
Around The World

Distributing Originality

Lugano Caffè, as an international brand, has been distributing coffee espresso in 15 countries around the world.
Italian Espresso Beans Supplier in Canada

Espresso Beans

Lugano Red Strong Coffee Beans

Strong Espresso Beans

Intensity 12/14

Lugano Golden Classic Coffee Beans

Classic Espresso Beans

Intensity 8/14

Lugano Golden Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica Espresso Beans

Intensity 6/14

Elite Dark Espresso Beans

Intensity 14/14

Elit-Life esoresso beans

Elite Life Espresso Beans

Intensity 10/14

Espresso Capsules

Compatible with Nespresso* System and Machines
* please note the brand is not owned by Lugano Caffé or one of its companies
Strong Espresso Capsules 30 Packs

Strong Espresso Capsules

Intensity 12/14

Elite Life Espresso Capsules 30 Packs

EliteLife Espresso Capusles

Intensity 10/14

Lugano espresso-capsules

Espresso Pods

Lugano Strong Espresso pod 1

Strong Espresso Pods

Intensity 12/14

Lugano Classic Espresso Pod 1

Classic Espresso Pods

Intensity 8/14

Lugano Arabica Espresso Pod 1

Arabica Espresso Pods

Intensity 6/14


EliteLife Espresso Pods

Intensity 10/14

Espresso & Coffee Machines

L'idola Pro Machine

+20 Coffee Drinks

Lugano Espresso Pods Machine black

Uno Espresso Machine


Lugnao Mini Elite Espresso Machine front 1

Elite Mini Espresso

Single & Double Shots


Drip Coffee

Lugano Strong American Coffee

Strong Drip Coffee

Intensity 12/14

Elite Life American Coffee

EliteLife Drip Coffee

Intensity 10/14

Who Can Become an Agent?

If you have a food distribution or chain business, then this is your chance to grow your profits in an easy and guaranteed way. Get unique coffee products directly from our Lugano Caffe ® factory in Italy with no middlemen.
  • No Contracting Fees
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Accurate Delivery Time & Logistics
  • Always Fresh & High-Quality Roasting
Trendy and Eco-Friendly Collection

Download Our Catalogue

Enjoy a wide range of trendy and eco-friendly espresso products distinguished by authentic Italian taste and creative packaging design.
Lugano Caffe Product Catalogue 2023
Easy, Clear, and Simple

Contracting Terms

lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor

Not at all! Lugano Caffé ® aims at building a network of professional coffee agents around the world without any hidden entry fees.

If you have a food or beverages distribution business or chain business, then this is your chance to grow your profits in an easy and guaranteed way.

All our coffee products are processed, roasted, and packaged in our factory in Italy by Italian expert hands and advanced machines.

It depends on your region and on the coffee culture in your country. In general, you can choose whether to include Espresso Pods, Beans, Grounds, American coffee, Machines, or Accessories. It is totally up to you!

Once you join our agents’ program, we will collaborate with you to:

  • conduct market research to better understand the market and identify the competitive advantages and points of strength.
  • then, our team of experts will provide you with marketing support such as planning, segmentation, and targeting tactics, as well as promotional items from Italian-styled signboards to reusable cups.
  • in addition, you will get sales strategies training sessions we developed through the years, besides sessions for maintenance services.
  • on-demand support: we will cover your back as needed because we are buying your trust, not just selling you products!
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lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor
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