Italian Originality Now in Canada

Your premier destination for quality Italian coffee and espresso.
Lugano CAFFE in Canada
Now in Canada

Italian Originality

Your premier destination for quality Italian coffee and espresso.
About Lugano Caffe in Canada
Heritage in Every Cup

About Lugano Caffé ®

Lugano Caffé ® started in Italy, the capital of the espresso industry, where we prepare and distribute tasty cups of Italian coffee and machines, sourced from the finest farms around the world.
Not Only a Drink

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that espresso is more than just a drink; it's a ritual, a refreshing moment of pause in a busy day. Meet the finest espresso products derived from the Italian culture.
Did You Know?

Not All Espresso Types Are Equal

We offer modern and sustainable products. Our commitment to social responsibility ensures no to minimal impact on the environment and society. Drink your espresso without guilt!
Italian coffee products

Always Fresh & Aromatic

Thanks to our unique technology of hot air roasting and biodegradable packaging, get your espresso fresh and aromatic day in and day out.

A cup of coffee Italian Coffee Exclusive Agent

Made in Italy

All our product ranges are 100% processed and produced in Italy after selecting the finest species of coffee beans from around the world.

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Modern & Trendy

The good news is that we made it easy for espresso lovers to get their cups at ease with our smart and modern machines and packaging.

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Bulk & Retail Orders

Whether you’re a coffee shop owner or an espresso drinker, look no further! Our products are available for shipping all over Canada.

Italian Espresso Beans Supplier in Canada

Espresso Beans

Lugano Red Strong Coffee Beans

Strong Espresso Beans

Intensity 12/14

Lugano Golden Classic Coffee Beans

Classic Espresso Beans

Intensity 8/14

Lugano Golden Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica Espresso Beans

Intensity 6/14

Elite Dark Espresso Beans

Intensity 14/14

Elit-Life esoresso beans

Elite Life Espresso Beans

Intensity 10/14

Espresso Capsules

Compatible with Nespresso* System and Machines
* please note the brand is not owned by Lugano Caffé or one of its companies
Strong Espresso Capsules 30 Packs

Strong Espresso Capsules

Intensity 12/14

Elite Life Espresso Capsules 30 Packs

EliteLife Espresso Capusles

Intensity 10/14

Lugano espresso-capsules

Espresso Pods

Lugano Strong Espresso pod 1

Strong Espresso Pods

Intensity 12/14

Lugano Classic Espresso Pod 1

Classic Espresso Pods

Intensity 8/14

Lugano Arabica Espresso Pod 1

Arabica Espresso Pods

Intensity 6/14


EliteLife Espresso Pods

Intensity 10/14

Espresso & Coffee Machines

L'idola Automatic Coffee Machine side 2

L'idola Automatic Machine

8 Coffee Drinks

Lugano Espresso Pods Machine black

Uno Espresso Machine


Sky Extra Machine

3 Espresso Drinks


Drip Coffee

Lugano Strong American Coffee

Strong Drip Coffee

Intensity 12/14

Elite Life American Coffee

EliteLife Drip Coffee

Intensity 10/14

Drink Espresso Like Italians Do

Experience the rich tradition, bold flavor , and strong character of authentic Italian espresso with our premium blends. Discover the true taste of espresso, as the Italians do, with Lugano Caffé - Canada.
Around The World

Distributing Originality

Lugano Caffé, as an international brand, has been distributing coffee espresso within 15 countries around the world.
Hot air roasting coffee machine
Taking Care of Details With

Hot Air Roasting

lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor
All Lugano Caffé ® are roasted with hot air method that preserves the oils of the beans and gives the coffee its aromatic and deep taste, unlike dump roasting which burns these oils and weakens their aroma!⠀
with the Italian coffee experts

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lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor
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