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About Lugano Caffé

Lugano Story

Lugano Caffé started in Italy, the capital of espresso coffee industry in the world, where they prepare a billions of luxurious cups of Italian espresso over the year.From Lugano, the city of Italian charm and swiss precision our brand has been inspired, as this city has meanings of beauty and challenge, and to be an ambassador to deliver the authentic taste of espresso to the Italian coffee lovers around the world.

In Lugano Caffé, based on our belief in the necessity to keep up with market requirements and to satisfy the tastes of consumers, launched espresso pods beside of roasted coffee beans and ground coffee. Espresso pods made a leap in the world of espresso coffee, with their distinctive taste, economical cost, and considered as healthy alternative and friendly-environment in comparison with traditional plastic coffee capsules.

As a result of the popularity of this innovative style of espresso coffee in Italy during the last short period we shouldered the mission of transfer the real pleasure to all coffee tasters around the world.

Our Vision

Italian coffee is affordable to everyone, for the most precious moments of all occasions.

lugano coffee - Italian coffee distributor

Our Mission

To warm the human heart and enhance his temper all the day with distinctive flavors for distinct moments.

Lugano Coffee Brand Vision and Mission
Lugano Coffee - Best Italian Coffee Provider around the world

Our Values

• Authenticity: Offering the customers an authentic taste of Italian coffee.

• Mastery: Confident to provide customers a high-quality coffee prepared by a professional team.

• Continuous improvement: Being courageous and challenge the status quo in order to improve the service and achieve a development.

• Innovation: Devotion to discover, learn and try new things to corporate the needs of market.

• Passion and Determination: Working with passion and engagement in heart and mind to delight the clients.

Our Goals

• Offering an innovative quality and unique taste products with a variety of flavors to suit all tastes at all times.

• Improving customer service to attend a professional level and establish close relationships that guarantee a mutual benefit.

• Focusing on consumer’s satisfaction and ensuring that products reach them with a reasonable prices.

• Caring about public health by paying attention in selecting the sources of coffee beans and using the latest preparation techniques.

Lugano Coffee - Italian Coffee Supplier