Buy high-quality Arabica and Robusta Espresso Beans selected from the best fruits and processed in our factory in Italy. A wide variety of tasty flavors packed in recyclable aluminum foils and supported with the technology of Wicovalve to keep it fresh and aromatic! Contact us for the price list and shipping information.

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Elite Dark Coffee Espresso Beans 1 Kg

Elite Dark Coffee beans are prepared according to the unique brewing methods of Italian coffee. It has a dark color and a pure taste for coffee lovers.AVAILABLE IN FOIL COFFEE BAG OF 1000 G ℮ 35,5 OZ

Elite Dark Coffee Espresso Beans 3 Kg Tank

Drink your espresso just as Italians drink it! It has a high degree of roasting in a way preferred by Italian norms. Distinguished by its high bitterness, balanced sourness, and rich remarkable golden cream.Packaging:Coffee Stainless Steel Tank - Wicovalve TechnologyNet Weight:3000 Gr. /e 105.8 Oz.

Elite Life Espresso Coffee Beans 1 Kg

A special blend of Arabica and Robusta with a secret preparation method to give you an outstanding and lovely exotic taste! As the name implies, it expresses life and its beauty.Packaging:Foil Coffee Bag - Wicovalve TechnologyNet Weight:1000 Gr. /e 35.5 Oz. 

Golden Arabica Coffee Espresso Beans 1 Kg

Selected qualities of precious Arabica coffees for a delicate taste and unmistakable aroma. 100% Arabica.AVAILABLE IN FOIL COFFEE BAG OF 1000 G ℮ 35,5 OZ

Golden Classic Coffee Espresso Beans 1 Kg

It’s the traditional Neapolitan blend in which taste and density are perfectly balanced. The combination of Arabica and Robusta makes it a full bodied and extremely aromatic espresso.AVAILABLE IN FOIL COFFEE BAG OF 1000 G ℮ 35,5 OZ

Strong Coffee Espresso Beans 1 Kg

Strong coffee beans is produced whit an excellent quality of Robusta, characterized by a strong taste and a very intense aroma. Perfect for those who adore characteristic tastes.100% STRONGAVAILABLE IN FOIL COFFEE BAG OF 1000 G ℮ 35,5 OZ