Explore our range of high-quality and made in Italy Coffee and Espresso machines including E.S.E. espresso pod machines, Nespresso* capsules compatible machines, manual machines for baristas, and fully automatic machines for offices and gas stations.

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Barista Milk Cooler 10 L

Stop throwing away your cold and delicious milk and start saving with our innovative milk saver. Inspired by the hard work of the baristas, we created a product that will preserve the taste of your favorite coffee beverage by keeping it away from bacteria and other germs. Forget the sour taste of your drinks while enjoying a delicious latte or macchiato.

L’idola Automatic Coffee Machine

L'idola Automatic Machine is a superior bean-to-cup coffee maker that is suitable for coffees, baristas, and offices. Discover now!

Laetitia Automatic Coffee Machine

Laetitia Automatic Machine is a superior bean-to-cup coffee maker that gives you the enjoyment of grinding coffee beans yourself easily and making +20 fresh and aromatic coffee drinks. Some of the outstanding features of our machine are:
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen
  • Android system with wireless connection
  • Fits with any cups, styles, and sizes
  • 1000-gram bean hopper
  • Smart self-cleaning system
  • 20+ programmable and customizable beverages
  • A programmable video useful for advertisement and promotion
  • 6 L water tank and integrated tap water connection
  • Optional drainage pipe

Lugano BarPro Machine

The ideal solution for coffee professionals. Dimensions and weight Width (W):63 cm Depth (D): 45 cm Height (H): 50 cm Weight (W): 33 Kg Energy consumption Power: 2100 w Voltage: 220-240 V AC  

Lugano Creativa Machine

  • Programmable espresso doses.
  • Automatic Cappuccino system integrated with removable and washable glass.
  • Cappuccino or tea can be prepared by attaching (Milk – Teabag) containers.
  • Energy-saving.
Dimensions and weight Width (W): 11 cm Depth (D): 32 cm Height (H): 26 cm Weight (W): 3.5 kg Energy consumption Power: 1100 w Voltage: 220-230 V  

Lugano Espresso Machine

Lugano Espresso Pods Machine is Compact, sleek, and colorful espresso machine fits easily onto your kitchen workspace or living room. Dimensions and weight Width (W): 22 cm Depth (D): 32 cm Height (H): 40 cm Weight (W): 6.5 Kg Energy consumption Power: 650 w Voltage: 220-120 V AC  

Lugano Mini Elite Machine

  • Small but powerful, the sleek Mini Elite produces a great shots espresso using Espresso Pods.
  • Programmable doses
  • removable water tank for easy full-up
  • removable tray for the facility of cleaning, adjustable cup-holder.
Dimensions and weight Width (W): 10.5 cm Depth (D): 33 cm Height (H): 26 cm Weight (W): 2.8 kg Energy consumption Power: 850 w Voltage: 220-230 V  

Lugano Sintonia Machine

Lugano Sintonia espresso pods machine is stylish machine, highly recommended for small bars and offices. Dimensions and weight Width (W): 23 cm Depth (D): 34 cm Height (H): 41 cm Weight (W): 9.2 Kg Energy consumption Power: 650 w Voltage: 220-240 V AC  

Slot Inox Espresso Pod Machine

Slot Inox Espresso Pod Machine is a stylish and appealing espresso machine that works with coffee pods for those who love a different and unique lifestyle. It has a bold and refined shape supported with resistant and reliable materials of stainless-steel frame that gives it a shiny and elegant body!