Espresso Pod

What Is An Espresso Pod?

What is the difference between coffee capsules and espresso pod? In which machines we can use espresso pods? What are the benefits of it as a product?

In the very first blog post of Lugano Caffé, we offer ultimate guide to using of espresso coffee pods.

Without the need of grinding the beans, dealing with coffee grinds or portafilter, E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pods allow to prepare espresso-based drinks easily.

It’s very suitable for the ones who want something simpler and flexible.

Just drop it and it’s all ready.

Very quick and neat way to get a good espresso shot.

But what is it exactly?

Espresso Pod: New Trend

Espresso pod is a tea-bag-like disc of ground coffee. It is packed between two layers of filter paper and ready to be infused with water.

It is intended to fit into special filters provided with many pump espresso machines. Espresso pod is nested in the espresso machine portafilter. You pop the pod into the filter, and brew. The pod comes out as it went in: clean and easy.

Single serving sized pods are usually packaged in foil envelopes. Each pod contains 7 grams of finely ground coffee, with a 44mm diameter.

Although some pods are designed to work with only one brand of machine, production of home pump machines which are designed to give more option to consumer is increasing.

These pods come in two types: soft and hard. The soft one is used to make drip coffee in a range of non-pressurized machines. Latter is used to make espresso in pump machines.

Benefits of Using Pod

Espresso pod offers clear guarantee for the beginner because they are simple to use and ensure a proper dose of ground coffee. Thanks to this, it allows many food and beverage servers to provide a consistent taste of espresso.

It also gives slightly more choice in coffee than do canned blends. Its taste is very near to what is available in current espresso bars.

Contemporary pod technology can produce a high volume of crema and the foam at the top of the cup.

They are suitable any machine that follows ESE (Easing Serving Espresso) standard. The E.S.E. specification give consumers the freedom of choice and guarantee of quality. If you have a bean to cup coffee machine, you will not need pods, because they already have a coffee bean grinder integrated into the machine.

In a nutshell, with the advantages of easy cleaning and less waste of coffee grounds, espresso pods are much simple and flexible to use.

Ready to prepare some exquisite espresso for yourself?

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